What Are The Advantages of Using Silica Based Concrete Additives?

Silica Based Concrete Additives

Silica Based Concrete Additives | Image Resource : microsilica-fume.com

Concrete (cement combined with limestone and sand) is a common material used for the process of construction. However, this material in itself can be rigid, brittle and thus become prone to cracks. To enhance its properties silica is added to the mixture.

Regarded to be one of the most preferred admixture (additive) for concrete, silica based concrete additive is made from tiny spheres of silicon dioxide. These fine particles can be as less than a micro meter and are over 50 times finer than the average fly-ash or cement particles.

Silica Based Concrete Additives- Why Do They Matter?


Several studies indicate that most of the structures or buildings experience problems due to concrete at some point or the other and this is because of the ineffective waterproofing system. To reduce such complications, it is essential to choose the best solutions for the system that would eliminate leakage of water and reduce unwanted cost of restoration too.

There are three important responsibilities of the waterproofing system:

  • Protection of the area beneath against penetration of water
  • Protection of the communications, engineering systems and other components present underground
  • Resistance against the impact on underground dynamic and static structures


Permeability is an essential property of concrete that allows liquids or gas to pass through the surface in the presence of the pressure gradient. For hydraulic structures, constructions and other fields, a major characteristic of concrete lies in its permeability. This is where the silica admixtures find their importance.

Reasons To Buy Silica Based Concrete Additives


Introduction of additives into the mixture can result into innumerable benefits and these include:

  • Weight of the concrete increases to over 15%, while its normal proposition is somewhere between 7 to 10.
  • Concrete becomes denser, solider and thicker with impressive resistance against corrosion and that too without altering its permeability.
  • Increases the core strength of the mixture that is crucial for tall structures or buildings.


Hence, wait no more and buy silica based concrete additives online from a reliable supplier to experience its wonderful advantages.