Diplomas are provided to students who complete a study program in community colleges or technical schools. Usually a specialized topic should be studied in detail to enroll in a good diploma course. Most of the students who complete a diploma course go onto become successful employees. So, it is a good practice to know about the best colleges that offer diploma courses in the country. Some of the best colleges that offer diploma courses are:

AF Academy

This is one of the best schools that provide courses in land surveying and is also known as one of the premier institutes that provide training in NIFT, NID, IIAD, WSD, and many more. This institute is also known to provide training in aptitude and personality development. If students show a degree from this institute, chances of them getting hired in top companies goes up exponentially.

Indian Institute of Film and Animation

This institute is well-known throughout the country because of the wide variety of courses. Some of the well-known courses include a diploma in Web & Graphic design, fashion designing, animation, hotel management, and many more. This institute is also famous because of the qualified and experienced teaching staff  present here. One of the reasons why this institute is known for diploma courses after degree throughout the country is because of the faculty’s ability to enhance fundamental skills in a particular field.

Institute of Shipping

All the courses offered in this institute are job-oriented and ensure that all the students enrolling here are well-rounded with the basics and can take on any challenges that are thrown by the professional world. Moreover, this institute also offers diploma courses after degree payment schemes in EMI. Students are required to pay 50% at the first time and then the remaining 50%, 45 days before the day of enrolment.

Some more well-known institutes in India include Anibrain school of media design, Pearl Academy, Sharda University, Hindustan University, Swiss Alpine Center, Institute for Design Led Entrepreneurship, and many more. All these institutes ensure that the students enrolling into the courses are well-skilled in their interest of study. Along with the theoretical knowledge, the practical exposure offered by these institutes is one of the reasons why these institutes are well-known throughout the country. The only tip here is that the student should be sure where he/she wants to study.


It is getting tougher and tougher to get job these days. A mere graduation is not enough for a relevant job. Thus, professional courses are essential.