Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Applications In Modern Scientific Discoveries

Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes

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One of the most important discoveries of modern science is the carbon nanotubes. This is nothing but large molecules of carbon, which look long and thin in shape. One of their interesting features is that they are 10000 times thinner than natural hair and they are also stronger than steel. Their strength has resulted in them being considered for numerous applications which require materials that have good enough strength to withstand heavy temperatures or pressure.

How Are Nanotubes Of Carbon Used?

You will find them to be excellent conductors of heat and electricity which is why they are increasingly finding their way into those applications which require materials that quickly conduct heat and electricity. They are also very strong which is due to the strong bond that exists between the atoms of a single carbon nanotube.

With so much of environmental problems existing today, it is a must to find a solution as soon as possible before the situation worsens. Researchers have found out that oil spills can be cleaned up with carbon nanotubes. When they are mixed with boron atoms, they grow and become spongy as a result of which they are able to taken in many times their weight in oil.

Put them into an area with oil spills and they can quickly absorb it, making way for clean surroundings. Another problem that is seen is the rise of chemical vapors which are let out by factories and industries as discharge. It is necessary to find out their presence in order to clean them up or determine their toxic level to the area around them for which carbon nanotubes prove to be very useful.

Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Applications

A variation of the carbon nanotube is the vertically aligned one which is a microstructure that is made up of carbon nanotubes that are put into a longitudinal axis with respect to a substrate surface and this alignment give them unique features. Some of the areas for vertically aligned carbon nanotubes applications include field emissions devices, adhesive films, gas sensors, biological sensor, thermal interface materials etc.

Not only are they used in very advanced technologies but also in very common place items such as batteries which run so many devices that you depend on every day. You can buy them from online stores which offer them at the lowest rates. These stores will be able to supply them in the quantities that you desire.